Fred takes the mask off for his reviews


Fred Wilson is a critic who has changed perspectives on a lot of movies. He tends to focus on certain movies that appeal to the most choosy of audiences. Fred enjoys reviewing the classics but also knows people are interested in hearing abouta great new movies that are on the way.

His favorite films involve an interview segment between two different parties, so this site was founded to review this (admittedly strange) obsession. There is is something about this format of movie that draws Fred in.

The tete a tete format proves to be a big draw for both Fred and the general movie audience. Interview movies are a bigger hit with the intellectual viewing crowd due to the dynamic interplay often seen in movies between the interviewer and interviewee. The director chooses to showcase these vignettes for people that are interested. Clips will showcase the intent and creative influence of the director overall. The interviewer and interviewee are important to the content of the film.

All of Fred’s reviews will review this dynamic and hopefully you’ll start to understand better the “battle between two minds” that is often seen in interview movies.