Review: The Interview

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The Interview is a movie released in 2014. It features Dave Skylark with hi produce known as Aaron Rapoport. They run a celebrity tabloid TV show that is known as the Skylark Tonight. They discover that the dictator in the North Korea Empire called Kin Jong-un is a great fan of that show. This is what changes the movement of the entire movie. This is, therefore, an opportunity to interview him that they see and they want to legitimize themselves as journalists.

There is a sudden change of plans that happens just before they leave. The CIA recruits them and changes the entire idea. They are hired to assassinate the dictator. It is an intelligent thriller which becomes an engrossing experience.

Throughout the entire movie, there is a lot of dialogue in place. The use of words as well and choosy. A lot of long pauses, as well as the dead space, is part of the dialogue. It is one way that is used in creating attention throughout the entire movie.

Any film review calls for an assessment of the movies aesthetics, social and also the cultural merits. Any movie review is written in very brief statements that are very direct to the point. The review is mainly to tell the reader whether the movie is worth to read or whether it is not worth. It helps the reader to have a prior update on what to expect in the movie. They are also able to have a prior knowledge of what gets to happen in the movie. With the synopsis, they can as well judge how good the movie will be.

The Interview as was released by Sony faced so many challenged. It was to be banned but was able to get to the eyes of the viewers. It actually became Sony’s biggest digital release. Due to the many challenges, they were forced to avail the movie through the online rentals and purchases.

The Interview, despite the challenges, was able to bring in more than $40 million. It was as well able to ringing more than $11 million through the box office. The movies reviews beings along great insight.

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